Della Terra Mountain Chateau Wedding – Shannon & Jon

From cupcakes to tablescapes, everything at Shannon and Jon's wedding this past weekend held special meaning for the couple. The two were married on August, 6, 2012, at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Estes Park, CO, and it was our privilege to photograph their very personal event.

Shannon got ready in a suite at the Della Terra, and we just loved the rustic look and feel of the space and decor.

Once the girls were dressed to impress we headed outside for a couple of quick portraits before getting rained out.

Sean photographed the boys getting ready on a separate floor of the venue. Afterwards he took them outside for some fun groomsmen portraits. In case you're wondering what's with the little spaceman, Shannon and Jon both have super-cool jobs as NASA engineers!

Just when the ceremony was looking like it was going to have to be moved inside, we soon discovered our Type A couple was not without a Plan B. When the weather started going downhill, all of their guests were prepared with matching umbrellas!


Shannon and Jon's wedding party had a ton of fun ideas for shots, but our favorite was having them throw the letters of the "Just Married" sign they had put together. There's only ONE letter that landed too soon to be caught in the picture if you can find it!

After the wedding party photos, someone noticed some wild sheep wandering around in front of the venue. Being the super-mature group that we are, we of course decided to chase them a while for a photo. The sheep didn't even have to break a run to elude us, but we did get this awesome shot of their rear ends as they casually strolled out of sight. After that we finally got serious and set up some romantic bride and groom photos. The grounds at this venue had no shortage of great mountain views; we can't wait for more opportunities to shoot there!


The reception details were simplistic with a homemade feel to them; we're actually pretty sure a few of them were hand crafted by family members, but they were so well done it was impossible to distinguish them from the purchased ones.

Following some emotional speeches, the sun went down and the party heated up! The couples' guests danced the night away and their bouquet/garter toss photos were some of our favorites to date!

To Shannon & Jon: You are the couple that has it all; beauty, brains, passion and drive, and most amazingly of all - with all those other coveted traits - you also have modesty and caring. It's no wonder you chose each other to spend the rest of your lives with, as those things are so rare to find in another. Sean and I feel so privileged to have shared such a wonderful day with you; thank you again so much!

Second Shooters: Sean Brimhall & Jim Heine

Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau


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    Aug 13 2012

    Oh, your wedding pictures are so beautiful! What a wonderful day you and Jon must have had and the memories, WOW!!!

    Marianne and Pete Andersen

    Aug 14 2012

    The pictures are beautiful. Your wedding was so beautiful and we are so happy to have been able to share the day with you.

    Love, Aunt Terrie and Uncle Tim