Della Terra Wedding – Cailey & Kenneth

As individuals, Cailey and Kenneth are the type of people every parent prays their child turns out like; beautiful, caring, genuine and wholesome are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind. As a couple, they are a Disney Princess meets Prince Charming love story, and on August 15, 2013, Sean and I had the amazing privilege of photographing their fairytale wedding at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Estes Park.

I'm under no delusions that Sean and I are the most romantic photographers out there (we usually market fun, photojournalism with just a hint of the romantic side), but this couple and this wedding in particular had so much love, bringing that feeling to life in photos was far too easy. I saw it particularly during the getting ready portion of the day, the ceremony and the bride and groom photos.

Here are a few of the girls that started off our day:

Della_Terra_Wedding_1 Della_Terra_Wedding_2 Della_Terra_Wedding_3 Della_Terra_Wedding_4 Della_Terra_Wedding_6 Della_Terra_Wedding_7 Della_Terra_Wedding_8 Della_Terra_Wedding_10 Della_Terra_Wedding_9

As for the boys, I can  never get enough of Sean's groomsmen portraits. The setups and posing are always second to none, but the shot with the reflections in this set really blew me away.

Della_Terra_Wedding_55 Della_Terra_Wedding_43 Della_Terra_Wedding_44 Della_Terra_Wedding_45 Della_Terra_Wedding_46 Della_Terra_Wedding_70 Della_Terra_Wedding_47

The couple wanted to do a "first touch" so we decided to play a little trick on the groom and pulled the old switch-a-roo, giving Kenneth the hand of the lovely MOH instead of the bride. We then had her emerge from behind the wall and surprise him so we could do the real first touch.


The Della Terra certainly boasts a beautiful ceremony site, but as lovely as the mountain views are, the couple is what really makes these pictures.

Della_Terra_Wedding_13 Della_Terra_Wedding_14 Della_Terra_Wedding_15 Della_Terra_Wedding_17 Della_Terra_Wedding_19

Bride and groom photo time could not come soon enough. My finger was itching at the trigger to get shots of this gorgeous couple, which in spite of the leftover dreariness from the trickles of rain, turned out quite lovely if I do say so myself.

Della_Terra_Wedding_20 Della_Terra_Wedding_23 Della_Terra_Wedding_51


One of the things I love about the Della Terra is the reception area, the architecture and lighting of this venue really compliment our style. This is also the second time we were visited by interesting wildlife while shooting at the Della Terra.

Della_Terra_Wedding_26 Della_Terra_Wedding_52 Della_Terra_Wedding_93 Della_Terra_Wedding_29 Della_Terra_Wedding_32 Della_Terra_Wedding_33


Della_Terra_Wedding_54 Della_Terra_Wedding_35 Della_Terra_Wedding_37 Della_Terra_Wedding_38 Della_Terra_Wedding_39

To Cailey & Kenneth: Attending your wedding, two things were very apparent to us, and the first was obviously how much you love each other, and the second is how much you are clearly loved by others. It's not every day two individuals with qualities as amazing as yours find one another, but in the rare instances that they do it's certainly something to celebrate. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share in that celebration.

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