Batsto Village Engagement Session – Kat & Min

From the minute Kat and Min pulled into the visitor’s center at Batsto Village and, with the most trusting smiles, agreed to turn right back around and drive out to a completely different spot I had seen on the way in, I knew it was going to be a great session. That feeling was only solidified when they got out of the car and I saw that they could not have been wearing more perfect outfits for the location I had just brought them to. It was almost like we had envisioned the exact same set of shots without so much as a word to each other.

Once the session started rolling, I knew my job was going to be beyond easy. Kat was quick to laugh, and Min was whatever combination of happy or romantic I asked him to be. They traipsed through inches of mud in the freezing cold wearing fancy clothes all while putting up with my bad jokes and I love them for it. Below are some favorites of what we came away with!

Batsto_Village_Wedding-1 Batsto_Village_Wedding-7 Batsto_Village_Wedding-6 Batsto_Village_Wedding-13 Batsto_Village_Wedding-12 Batsto_Village_Wedding-2 Batsto_Village_Wedding-8 Batsto_Village_Wedding-15 Batsto_Village_Wedding-16 Batsto_Village_Wedding-3 Batsto_Village_Wedding-4

Can't wait to celebrate your wedding in May you two!

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Best of 2014 Wedding Photography

Besides death and taxes, change is one of the few inevitable things in life… it doesn’t matter if you’re happy or miserable with the way things are currently… eventually, it comes. 2014 was a year of changes for Lauren Brimhall Photography. We moved across the country AGAIN, had a second child, renovated a house, and somewhere along the way our photography evolved by leaps and bounds.

This post is intended to take pause for a moment and acknowledge this past year, at least in terms of photography. We have been inspired by so many of the amazing photographers at, and let that inspiration be our guide to producing even more impactful and journalistic work.

We shot upwards of 30 weddings in total, starting with Charlie and Alexis’ Ballroom at the Ben Winter wedding.

Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_15 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_23

Next up was Jay and Julie’s Plymouth Country Club Wedding, second shot for Jim Heine in April…

Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-1 Fearless_Award_2

...followed by Kristin and Rex at the Manor House.

Favorite-23 Fearless_Award_3

We lucked out with another great couple in Erica and Davin, who tied the knot at the Pines at Genesee in June.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.33.44 AM2 Pines_at_Genesee_Wedding-25 Pines_at_Genesee_Wedding-48

Next we second shot Kim and Rob for Robinson Usagani at the Wild Basin Lodge…

Wild_Basin_Lodge_Wedding-35 Wild_Basin_Lodge_Wedding-38

 Leandra and Vitali had some really nice portraits at the Luzerne County Courthouse Wedding


Kiah and Kyle were up next… I’ll certainly miss having Red Rocks in my backyard!

Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-11 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-13

Our first Cambodian Wedding in July celebrating Anny and Khamlek was a grand slam!

Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-12 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-31 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-45

Key and Maki’s home barn wedding was really unique, with some unexpected guests poking their heads (or butts) in at random times during the event. HorsesAss-2 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-56

Mid July saw us back in Crested Butte for Kasey and Joel’s gorgeous mountain wedding.

Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-30 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-36 ISPWP Award2

 Lindsey and Randy rocked our worlds when they were willing to do almost anything for a portrait, and the moments spoke for themselves.

Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-9 ISPWP Award3

 There were more great moments to be captured at Jackie and Joel’s Wedgewood on Boulder Creek wedding, and the MOB and MOG were pretty much as cool as they come!

Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-10 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-22

Nikki and Bill had grandmas for flower girls and tossed their own pizza dough at the reception… need I say more?

ISPWP Award1 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-1

Lindsi and Ryan quite literally won the award for best FOB ever at their Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Wedding.

Mt._Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-18 Mt._Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-32 Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.25.37 AM

My Favorite shot from Kyra and Jon came from second shooter Jim Heine.


Indian weddings almost always result in some of my favorite shots of the year, and Smriti and Sandeep’s Sheraton Valley Forge Wedding was no exception!

Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-11 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-19 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-21

By Mandy and Tri’s 21-hour Vietnamese Wedding Day, I was pretty darn pregnant, but not slowing down!

South_Jersey_Vietnamese_Wedding_Photographer-72 South_Jersey_Vietnamese_Wedding_Photographer-33 South_Jersey_Vietnamese_Wedding_Photographer-40

Sean and I shot Jackie and Mike’s National Park Restaurant Wedding on our very own five-year anniversary, and the highlight of my night was the cake cutting, when the couple gave Sean a sweet, sweet surprise!

National_Park_Wedding-16 National_Park_Wedding-35 National_Park_Wedding-39

Next up was Tracie and Steve at the Curtis Hotel in Denver followed by Michelle and Rob at our favorite Baltimore hot spot, the Gramercy Mansion!

Curtis_Hotel_Wedding-21 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-21 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-19

We discovered a new favorite venue in Bethlehem in the Artsquest Center at Steelstacks in Katie and Tom’s Wedding.

ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-20 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-37

Finished out the year with our first California wedding; Dora and Martin’s super special Pala Mesa Resort affair.

Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-4 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-26 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-33

Looking forward to an equally awesome, and hopefully slightly more settled 2015 in our new State of New Jersey!

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Pala Mesa Resort Wedding – Dora & Martin

From the very first email/consultation, it was painstakingly obvious what a truly special couple Dora & Martin are. From the way they looked at each other, talked about each other, held each other; everything just screamed that these two were totally and unconditionally in love. It’s the kind of love that grows out of years of friendship, seeing each other through thick and thin, and patiently waiting a short lifetime to find the one person you were at one point certain just didn’t exist.

Martin wanted to give Dora the fairytale wedding of her dreams. There was no bridezilla and no expectations on Dora’s part, but Martin agonized over every aspect of planning the perfect wedding none-the-less. I believe that, in a way, the wedding represented the type of future he wanted to give her from that day forward.  And judging by the results, Dora is in for many more years of being among the most spoiled and appreciated women out there, and I am so so happy for them both.

A special thanks goes out to Jason Marino for trekking in all the way from Arizona to shoot this one-of-a-kind California wedding with me.  He did a bang-up job covering the guys getting ready and is also responsible for a couple of other photos on this blog!

Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-3 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-4 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-6 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-8 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-9 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-10 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-11 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-1 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-2 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-7 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-12 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-14 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-15 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-16 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-13 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-17 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-18 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-19 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-21 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-23 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-22 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-28 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-20 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-24 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-25 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-26 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-27 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-30 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-31 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-32 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-35 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-34 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-36 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-29 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-33 Pala_Mesa_Resort_Wedding-37

Congratulations you two!

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ArtsQuest SteelStacks Wedding – Katie & Tom

Often times with my couples, I wonder… why did they choose ME as their wedding photographer? Sometimes it isn’t until their actual wedding day that I finally have the opportunity to really find out the answer to that question, and it definitely varies.

In Katie and Tom’s case, I think we tend to attract the people who are most like ourselves. I’ll admit, I didn’t see it at first. But come their wedding day, when they forgot all about the cameras and the stress of planning, I had the opportunity to really observe them just being THEM. And there it was: The fun, spontaneous, up-for-anything-and-just-a-little-bit-quirky type of couple I enjoy working with most :)

This was my first time shooting at the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA, so I was extra excited to see what I could get out of this unique venue and location. I was grateful to be accompanied by an awesome second photographer in Scott Vuocolo, who covered the guys getting ready and a couple of other shots on this blog. I hope the couple is as thrilled with the results as I am!

ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-1 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-2 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-4 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-5 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-6 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-7 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-8 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-11 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-16

The couple decided on a "first look," which worked out well with the sun setting a bit earlier this time of year and allowed us to monopolize on the beautiful Fall light for their portraits!

ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-21 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-9 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-22 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-10 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-12 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-13 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-14 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-23

And now that we're done with awesome portrait overkill, onto their beautiful outdoor ceremony in front of the SteelStacks! The flames on the arch are actually on a random timer, so I was thrilled when they kicked on just as the couple was announced husband and wife.

ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-17 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-27 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-18 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-19 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-20

At last they were free to dance the night away! I didn't peg them for cake smashers, but being that most of my couples are, I shouldn't have been surprised! Also, super glad I pushed them to go out for a quick night shot... or two!

ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-24 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-25 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-26 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-36 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-30 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-28 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-29 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-31 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-34 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-33 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-32 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-35 ArtsQuest_SteelStacks_Wedding-37

Congrats to the lovely couple!

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Gramercy Mansion Wedding – Michelle & Rob

The Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore, MD, has for a long time been one of my favorite venues to photograph at. The grounds are sculpted but not in a way that looks cookie cutter and staged, and every time I’m there I continue to find new photo opportunities to be had.

Having great couples to work with only makes the experience that much better, and not only do Michelle and Rob have a fantastic sense of humor, they were very much into photos, and put a lot of faith in my vision for shots.

Theirs was a full-on military wedding, and Michelle is now officially an Army Wife! It’s been a while since I’ve shot the dress blues, and I fully enjoyed what was actually my first Saber arch, Saber champagne pop, and cake cutting. So photo set full of Saber overkill, here we go!

Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-12 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-23 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-11 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-13 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-21

Big thanks to Jim Heine for doing an awesome job second shooting and covering the guys getting ready!

Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-4 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-5 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-10 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-2 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-3 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-6 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-20 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-8 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-9 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-14 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-15 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-16 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-27 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-17 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-18 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-19 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-22 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-24 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-34 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-25 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-26 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-28 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-30 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-31 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-39 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-32 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-35 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-40 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-36 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-41 Gramercy_Mansion_Wedding-33

Michelle and Rob, thanks for making me laugh and serving me such delicious food! Since you asked, I’d rate it in the top 10 guest meals I’ve had in over 100 weddings… you’ll have to provide me with the name of your caterer so I can recommend them to future Gramercy brides… for my own selfish reasons of course…

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