Crystal Plaza Wedding – Mary & Daniel

As photographers we often look back on images from weddings we’ve shot and ask ourselves “what if I had focused on this instead of that?” Or “man, wouldn’t it have been cool if I had shot it from over here?” But I’ve never seen anyone actually get to try executing these theories because no one ever gets to shoot the same exact wedding twice.

While this remains true, Mary and Dan’s Egyptian Coptic wedding was as close to Reta & George’s as any two weddings I’ll probably ever shoot will be, and it was such an awesome experience and a unique opportunity to shoot two weddings for the exact same family at the same church and same reception venue just two months apart!

Both couples are among the sweetest, most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met, and I’m eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity (along with my awesome second photographer Jim!) to not only get to work with them and learn about yet another new-to-me religion, but get to know them as well. Thanks again, guys, and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-6 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-22 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-7 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-19 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-1 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-3 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-2 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-8 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-9 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-20 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-10 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-11 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-12 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-13 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-14 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-4 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-15 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-16 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-5 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-17 Crystal_Plaza_Wedding-21
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Central Park Engagement Session – Jacquelynn & Dan

For a South Jersey based wedding photographer, we sure get a lot of North Jersey and New York City brides. Jacquelynn and Dan really lucked out with the most beautiful, unseasonably warm Fall day for their Central Park engagement session. It had been years since I last had the privilege of shooting in central park, and while I didn’t miss the drive, the scenery was beautiful and familiar.

Central_Park_Engagement_Session-2 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-6 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-3 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-4 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-5 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-7 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-8 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-9 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-10 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-11 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-12 Central_Park_Engagement_Session-13

I’m really looking forward to Jacquelynn and Dan’s wedding at the Whitby Castle in Rye, NY, this April, and can’t wait to work with them again so soon!

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The Inn at Millrace Pond Wedding – Reagan & Ryan

Couple’s like Reagan and Ryan are literally what photographer’s dreams are made of, and their day was the kind of wedding I wish I could shoot over and over again. I could not have asked for a happier, more beautiful bride or a more laid-back groom.

These two also share such a unique love story; they actually first met on a trip abroad to Ireland and stayed in touch from across the country (Reagan in Arizona and Ryan in the Northeast) since their early teens. It’s the type of stuff Nicholas Sparks novels are made of.

From the minute I met Reagan… and her adorable panda slippers… I knew she was going to be a perfect fit for my light-hearted photography style.

The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-1 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-2 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-3 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-4 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-5

Big thanks to Jim Heine for second shooting this wedding and covering the guys getting ready!

The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-6 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-7 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-8

Reagan is actually one of a set of triplets. Their bonds further strengthened with the loss of their father, the shots of these three brought tears to my eyes. The first black and white of Reagan hugging the girl crying is one of the triplet set and the next shot is of her brother (the other triplet) straightening his jacket about to do the duty of walking his sister down the aisle in their father's place.

The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-14 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-11 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-10 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-29 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-12 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-13

Humor definitely plays huge a role in our style, and that aspect was not lost on these two...

The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-15 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-16 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-20

The reception took place at the Inn at Millrace Pond, and emotions were still running high...

The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-18 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-19 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-25 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-22 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-26 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-21 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-24 The_Inn_at_Millrace_Pond_Wedding-23

Congratulations you two! As I said upon leaving that night - good things happen to good people, and you truly deserve each other!

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Skytop Lodge Wedding – Brittany & Bill

From the day Brittany and Bill offered to “go for a swim” for me in the Delaware River for a photo idea I had during their engagement session, I have just adored this couple. Together for eight years, this light-hearted duo, their family and all their guests had me smiling the whole day through.

They braved the freezing cold, walked three-quarters of a mile, trudged through the mud and prickers, and stood in traffic for me. Needless to say, in the words of Bill, “we worked hard for these photos!” Big thanks to Rob for second shooting this wedding – great job as always.

This first image is a surprise, because I shot it candid as Brittany was staging something for her videographers looking at the dress.

Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-1 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-2 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-3 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-7 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-8

Love when couples do first looks... Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-4 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-5 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-6

This was my third time shooting at the Skytop and the first time I’ve seen the ceremony done there – we lucked out with the gorgeous Fall day!

Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-10 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-11 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-12 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-21 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-14 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-13 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-15 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-23

It was a bit cold, though, and this is apparently what happens when you keep the family out too long for a formal photo. Judging by the bride and groom’s expression and gesturing, some of these people didn’t know they were supposed to be in the next shot, too. Oops.

Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-16 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-17 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-18 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-19

These two have been together so long, they are like mirror images of each other...

Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-22 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-31

The reception got a little ridiculous as centerpieces were torn apart and repurposed into party props... I loved every minute of it

Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-24 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-25 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-26 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-27 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-33 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-29 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-30 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-28 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-32 Skytop_Lodge_Wedding-20

Congrats you two!

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The Channel Club Wedding – Stef and Bob

Stefanie and Bob were an extremely animated and fun couple to work with. It was our first time shooting at the Channel Club in Monmouth Beach, NJ and we totally dug the venue as well. We lucked out with a beautiful sunset and an emotional day full of memorable moments for the couple. Big thanks to Jim Heine for second shooting this wedding!

The_Channel_Club_NJ-1 The_Channel_Club_NJ-2 The_Channel_Club_NJ-23 The_Channel_Club_NJ-4 The_Channel_Club_NJ-5 The_Channel_Club_NJ-3 The_Channel_Club_NJ-6 The_Channel_Club_NJ-7 The_Channel_Club_NJ-8 The_Channel_Club_NJ-11 The_Channel_Club_NJ-12 The_Channel_Club_NJ-13 The_Channel_Club_NJ-14 The_Channel_Club_NJ-21 The_Channel_Club_NJ-22 The_Channel_Club_NJ-19 The_Channel_Club_NJ-15 The_Channel_Club_NJ-20 The_Channel_Club_NJ-18 The_Channel_Club_NJ-16 The_Channel_Club_NJ-17
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