Sri Guruvayurappan Temple Wedding – Vishal & Bhavna

Vishal and Bhavna have been dealing with a long distance relationship for some time - Bhavna is from the UK and Vishal lives in the states. This has caused some difficulty with the wedding planning process and the couple didn't end up booking me until three weeks out from their date! Considering that we didn't have much time to really get into details beforehand, I really lucked out. Bhavna was very attracted to the "fine art" aspect of my photography style, and while I am definitely more of a creative photojournalistic photographer than a fine-art one, I welcomed the challenge, and was actually pretty surprised at just how much of it I seemed to have in me :)

The couple booked me for three days to capture both of their Piti Ceremonies beforehand, but the third day (the actual wedding) took place about two hours North of here at the Sri Guruvayurappan Temple, and I really loved the venue. This was a no-reception wedding, which also pushed me to rely a lot less on our signature fun dancing photos to give the set that extra boost.

So, Vishal and Bhavna, thanks for booking me, and in doing so, teaching me a little about myself :)

Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-1 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-3 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-4 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-2 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-5 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-7 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-9 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-10 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-12 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-13 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-20 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-22 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-15 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-16 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-17 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-24 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-25 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-27 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-28 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-29 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-30 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-31 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-33 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-34 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-36 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-37 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-38 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-39 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-40 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-41 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-43 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-44 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-45 Sri_Guruvayurappan_Temple_Wedding-46
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Skytop Lodge Indian Wedding – Sandya and Arnaub

If you book enough weddings, every year at least one of them doesn’t happen… broken engagements are a very sad reality in our business. Sandya had originally inquired with us after coming across a wedding we shot at the Skytop Lodge what feels like eons ago, and we referred her to our good friend Jim Heine. My wedding for this date then ended up being canceled short notice and I was thrilled when I was able to tag along with Jim and still be part of this awesome couple’s day.

It rained ALL DAY, without one single gap of sunshine, but coming back to the lodge after so long was very familiar and the venue was great to work with as usual. Below are some of the photos we came away with this time…

Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-3 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-4 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-22 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-21 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-1 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-2 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-5 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-7 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-8 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-9 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-6 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-10 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-11 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-12 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-13 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-15 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-16 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-17 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-18 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-19 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-20 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-23 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-24 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-25 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-29 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-26 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-27 Skytop_Lodge_Indian_Wedding-31
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Country Club of York Wedding – Amanda & Rich

From the minute I walk into a room during getting ready, I get a real sense of what type of wedding it’s going to be… I’ll preface this by saying that I am notoriously early to weddings, because I am paranoid about arriving late, so when I was sitting in the parking lot at the Country Club of York surfing the net on my phone and saw a few of Amanda’s bridesmaids walk into the girls locker room with drinks and sandwiches, I was curious and decided to go in a full half hour early. What I saw was a whole hoard of beautiful, happy ladies sitting in the most perfect arrangement just having a moment of calm before the big events that were scheduled to take place. This confirmed two things for me:

1.) People should really book more hours! As a bride, you may think there’s nothing “photo worthy” going on before/during hair or makeup but I only wish you knew how untrue that is. Anyway, I’m glad I decided to go in and get the first few shots on this blog.

2.) It was going to be a great day. :)

Besides walking in on a great crowd in a great space, knowing I had an awesome couple in Amanda and Rich to work with, I knew this wedding would be a fun one because I was joined by two other awesome photographers, Jim and Naveed! Thanks for the great work guys! Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-5 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-6 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-7 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-9 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-10 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-8 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-11 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-12

Naveed Covered the guys getting ready - loving this set!

Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-41 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-40 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-42 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-43

Even though the weather called for a 100% chance of rain, we lucked out with a beautiful day for a ceremony!

Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-21 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-13 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-50 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-14

It was just a teeny tiny wedding party... Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-15 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-16 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-17 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-18 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-19 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-20 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-22 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-25 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-26 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-45 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-24 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-28 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-29 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-48 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-33 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-36 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-35 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-34 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-30 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-31 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-37 Country_Club_of_York_Wedding-23

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Blue Bell Country Club Indian Wedding – Jyoti & Sarang

Jyoti seems like the silent, beautiful type, and Sarang is an easygoing guy well-loved by his friends. They both enjoy their pup, and had a beautiful wedding at the Blue Bell Country Club, which up until recently I didn’t even know hosted Indian weddings. I should mention, their friends were some of the craziest dancers I’ve ever seen, and I really enjoyed sharing their day with them. Thanks to Jim Heine for having me along!

Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-1 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-2 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-3 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-4 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-5 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-6 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-7 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-8 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-9 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-10 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-12 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-13 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-14 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-15 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-16 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-17 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-18 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-19 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-20 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-21 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-22 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-23 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-24 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-25 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-26 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-28 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-29 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-30 Blue_Bell_Country_Club_Indian_Wedding-31
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Brandywine Manor House Wedding – Blake & Erin

This was my first time shooting at the Brandywine Manor House in Honey Brook, PA and I found it to be an amazingly charming little venue. The barn where Erin and Blake got hitched was adorable, and while usually I find tent receptions to be a little sterile, the one at Brandywine offered beautiful color and décor.

Blake and Erin were a pleasure to work with and I was so so grateful to get to second shoot this wedding for the amazingly talented Todd Laffler.

Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-2 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-4 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-3 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-5 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-6 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-7 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-8 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-9 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-10 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-11 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-12 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-13 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-14 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-15 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-16 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-17 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-18 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-19 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-21 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-20 Brandywine_Manor_House_Wedding-22
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