Metropolitan Building Wedding – Hallie & Sammy

It’s not every day I get to photograph in a place as unique and eclectic as the Metropolitan Building in New York. Even that incredible building, however, was completely overshadowed by the amazing-ness of the couple I was lucky enough to photograph there this past Sunday.

Hallie and Sammy are the perfect mixture of classy and fun. They may have had a wedding fit for a feature in Vogue, but they were also not above enjoying every single silly or random moment of their day… and I have the photos to prove it.

Big thanks to Angel for second shooting, and Jim for assisting with this wedding. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys!

Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-8 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-9 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-5 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-10 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-11 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-12 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-13 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-14

Angel did a great job covering the guys getting ready... Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-1 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-2 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-3 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-4

Back at the Metropolitan Building, the couple had an emotional first look, followed by Hallie giving Sammy a special gift. Of all the books in this little library, a mini comic book that she made just for him with all their personal memories was the most special one. Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-15 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-16 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-6 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-17

Taking bride and groom portraits in this location with such a beautiful couple was like shooting fish in a barrel. Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-18 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-20 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-21 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-29 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-19 Fearless POTD

The ceremony took place in beautiful light and emotions were running high. Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-24 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-25 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-26 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-27 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-28

After entrances and a few quick speeches the couple's lively reception was fully underway. Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-30 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-7 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-34 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-40 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-31 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-32 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-33 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-36 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-37 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-38 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-39 Metropolitan_Building_Wedding-35

To Hallie & Sammy: From the bottom of my heart, congratulations. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing couple, or a more amazing day.

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Tendenza Wedding Philadelphia – Jacklyn & Buzz

Jacklyn and Buzz are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Buzz is super laid back and sweet and Jacklyn is a lovely firecracker. Portraits at Race Street Pier might have been rained out, but their spirits weren’t and we managed to nab some great shots just inside the venue.

This was our first time shooting at Tendenza, and it was a real pleasure! Cescaphe runs a tight ship and the day went off without a hitch… unless you count the one now firmly placed between Jacklyn & Buzz.

Finally, big thanks to Jim Heine for second shooting this with me!

Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-1 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-8 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-9 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-2 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-4 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-10 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-6 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-7 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-5 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-11 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-17 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-12 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-18 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-15 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-16 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-13 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-19 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-14 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-20 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-21 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-22 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-23 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-28 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-26 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-24 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-25 Tendenza_Wedding_Philadelphia-27

Congratulations you two!

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Brooklyn Bridge Trash the Dress

While I certainly have meaningful relationships with all my clients, every so often one couple will get to the point of becoming something more than JUST clients. They can’t help but start to feel like friends. Reagan and Ryan are two amazing people who DEFINITELY fit into that category. I shot their wedding this past fall and could not have been more excited to plan this ballet-inspired trash-the-dress with them on the Brooklyn Bridge when the weather warmed up.

As usual, Reagan did not disappoint, she showed up with dress options, hair options, a bouquet, the works! Meanwhile, I brought along a special lock engraved with their names to put on the bridge. Total photographer/client love affair here.

I should add that one thing I love about Trash the Dress sessions is seeing what kinds of portraits I’m actually capable of with a little bit of time and a decent location. Especially having to deal with the hoards of people on Sunday (mother’s day) at sunset, having a couple full hours made all the difference. It feels like actual wedding days are always so rushed and things always run late, portrait time gets whittled down to close to nothing and I’m forced to do the best I can with little time to even think. Patience was the key on Sunday, so thank you Reagan and Ryan – I couldn’t have done this particular shoot with any other couple!

Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-6 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-11 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-8 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-9 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-1 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-2 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-10 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-3 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-4 Brooklyn_Bridge_Wedding-5
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The Merion Wedding – Patty & Jesse

Whenever it rains on one of my couples’ wedding days, I never worry about the photos. I always figure that rain can make for some awesome candids of people scurrying around under umbrellas, and there are plenty of other unique portraits to be made. What I do worry about is a bride who is distraught by the weather.

From the minute I walked into The Hotel Monaco where Patty was getting ready, I instantly knew she was the farthest thing from stressed. She was happy, giggly, playing around with her beautiful bridesmaids and savoring every minute of those once-in-a-lifetime 24 hours that always go by faster than we want them to.

Her groom, Jesse, was equally laid back and took any and every opportunity to make my job as easy as possible. This even included moving construction materials out of my shot and even fighting off some very angry geese with a stick (thanks, man!). Long story short, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to photograph this past Saturday.

I also wanted to give a big shout out to Miguel to thank him for second shooting with me, and for his awesome contribution to the blog images!

Merion_NJ_Wedding-1 Merion_NJ_Wedding-2 Merion_NJ_Wedding-3 Merion_NJ_Wedding-4 Merion_NJ_Wedding-5 Merion_NJ_Wedding-6 Merion_NJ_Wedding-37 Merion_NJ_Wedding-7 Merion_NJ_Wedding-38 Merion_NJ_Wedding-8 Merion_NJ_Wedding-9 Merion_NJ_Wedding-29 Merion_NJ_Wedding-30 Merion_NJ_Wedding-10 Merion_NJ_Wedding-11 Merion_NJ_Wedding-12 Merion_NJ_Wedding-39 Merion_NJ_Wedding-31 Merion_NJ_Wedding-24 Merion_NJ_Wedding-23 Merion_NJ_Wedding-14 Merion_NJ_Wedding-20 Merion_NJ_Wedding-32 Merion_NJ_Wedding-17 Merion_NJ_Wedding-18 Merion_NJ_Wedding-16 Merion_NJ_Wedding-20 Merion_NJ_Wedding-19 Merion_NJ_Wedding-22 Merion_NJ_Wedding-33 Merion_NJ_Wedding-21 Merion_NJ_Wedding-34 Merion_NJ_Wedding-23 Merion_NJ_Wedding-24 Merion_NJ_Wedding-25 Merion_NJ_Wedding-26 Merion_NJ_Wedding-35 Merion_NJ_Wedding-28 Merion_NJ_Wedding-36 Merion_NJ_Wedding-27

Congratulations Patty & Jesse! Wishing you a beautiful future filled with days as amazing as this one!

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Longwood Garden Engagement Session – Jacklyn & Buzz

The apples don’t fall far from the tree, I always say. Jacklyn & Buzz were referred to me by two other completely amazing clients, Jesse and Patty. True to their friends’ good nature they were equally pleasant, patient and enthusiastic about my ideas. I think Buzz had to do a million squats for one particular shot in the set, and he did so without complaint. Jacklyn walked over a mile in some of the highest-heeled shoes I’ve ever seen, which of course made her legs look fabulous.

All the while they maintained a great sense of humor about everything! We even joked at the end that Buzz should wear a sign around his neck to the wedding that says, “Will work for great photos.” I’m definitely looking forward to working with these two again in May!

Longwood_Garden_Wedding-1 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-2 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-3 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-4 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-15 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-6 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-7 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-8 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-9 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-10 Longwood_Garden_Wedding-11

Thanks again for the great time on Saturday, Jacklyn & Buzz!

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