Opera House Wedding – Emily & Matt

I never got the opportunity to meet Emily and Matt prior to their actual wedding day, but when I arrived on the scene where Emily was getting ready I was greeted with a warm smile from a happy bride. Emily is actually a wedding planner, and while she painstakingly thought out every little detail of her day, there is something to be said for just being able to let everything go and enjoy it when it arrives.

I was joined at this wedding by Chris Loring, who helped capture some of the gorgeous details of the wedding while I was out photographing moments.

Opera_House_Wedding-6 Opera_House_Wedding-8 Opera_House_Wedding-10 Opera_House_Wedding-13 Opera_House_Wedding-12 Opera_House_Wedding-14 Opera_House_Wedding-15 Opera_House_Wedding-16 Opera_House_Wedding-17 Opera_House_Wedding-18 Opera_House_Wedding-19 Opera_House_Wedding-20 Opera_House_Wedding-21 Opera_House_Wedding-22 OperahouseDetails Opera_House_Wedding-25 Opera_House_Wedding-23 Opera_House_Wedding-26 Opera_House_Wedding-27 Opera_House_Wedding-28 Opera_House_Wedding-29 Opera_House_Wedding-30

It was a beautiful day, filled with wonderful memories for Emily and Matt. I wish them all the best for their future as a married couple!

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Philadelphia Traditional Chinese Wedding – Kat & Min

Time flies when you’re having fun… or shooting weddings… or having fun shooting weddings, and Kat and Min’s 17-hour Traditional Chinese Wedding Day was gone in the blink of an eye!

Portraits were at Longwood Gardens and the couple’s kick-butt reception took place at Saigon Maxim in Philadelphia. Big thanks to Jim Heine of Hoffer Photography for second shooting. Fabulous job as usual!

Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-1 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-46 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-3 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-4 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-5-3 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-5 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-6-2 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-6 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-7-3 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-7 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-9 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-12 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-13 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-14 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-15 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-16 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-17 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-18 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-19-1 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-19 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-20 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-21-2 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-21 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-22-2 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-22 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-23 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-24 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-25 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-26 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-27 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-28-1 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-28 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-29 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-30 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-31 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-33-1 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-33 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-34 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-35 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-36 Saigon_Maxim_Philadelphia_Wedding-37
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Blue Grillhouse Wedding – Kelly & Brian

Having just moved back to the Northeast, there are a lot of locations and venues we have yet to explore, some new and some that were just out of our old typical service area. It was our first time at the Blue Grillhouse in Bethlehem, PA, and we were lucky enough to get to photograph an absolutely adorable couple for one of our awesome photographer friends, Jim Heine of Hoffer Photography. When I second shoot, it's always a nice change of scenery to hang out with the guys to start off, and we lucked out with a beautiful spring day!

Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-35 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-3 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-2 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-32 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-33 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-8 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-9 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-10 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-11 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-13 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-15 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-16 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-22 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-31 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-21 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-23 Blue_Grillhouse_Wedding-24
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Valley Forge Indian Wedding – Harini & Kapil

Sometimes, in order to move forward, you first need to take a step back. With the birth of my second child and the move across the country, I was forced to take almost six full months away from shooting. I was worried I’d come back rusty, out of shape, and maybe even forget how to work the camera, but what happened was just the opposite… I returned refreshed and inspired.

Starting off the break with Harini & Kapil’s 22-hour 3-day Indian wedding was a test of wills in terms of stamina. It took 110%, but I pushed through and came away with what I consider some of the best images of my career to date. I will attribute that in part to the fact I lucked out with an AMAZING couple to work with, and an awesome associate photographer in Jim Heine (Hoffer Photography)!

The traditions from this wedding were a little different from my previous Indian weddings, as the couple hailed from a different part of India. I was totally stoked to get to photograph the traditional Haldi Ceremony, where Tumeric Paste is applied to the brides face and arms, which is supposed to purify her and make her glow, and while all my brides have had Mehndi done, it was the first time I was hired to photograph that as well.

Day 1: Haldi and Mehndi (groom's ceremony photographed on day 2)

NJ_Indian_Wedding-1 NJ_Indian_Wedding-2 NJ_Indian_Wedding-3 NJ_Indian_Wedding-7 NJ_Indian_Wedding-82 NJ_Indian_Wedding-4 NJ_Indian_Wedding-5 NJ_Indian_Wedding-6 NJ_Indian_Wedding-31 NJ_Indian_Wedding-32 NJ_Indian_Wedding-34

Day 2: Sangeet - this couple wasted no time getting the party started!

NJ_Indian_Wedding-10 NJ_Indian_Wedding-18 NJ_Indian_Wedding-11 NJ_Indian_Wedding-21 NJ_Indian_Wedding-14 NJ_Indian_Wedding-22 NJ_Indian_Wedding-20 NJ_Indian_Wedding-15 NJ_Indian_Wedding-17

Day 3: Wedding Day… including a billion other ceremonies I’d never encountered before!

NJ_Indian_Wedding-23 NJ_Indian_Wedding-52 NJ_Indian_Wedding-24 NJ_Indian_Wedding-25 NJ_Indian_Wedding_Photos-3 NJ_Indian_Wedding-26 NJ_Indian_Wedding-27 NJ_Indian_Wedding-28 NJ_Indian_Wedding-36

Portraits taken at Valley Forge Park NJ_Indian_Wedding-38 NJ_Indian_Wedding-30 NJ_Indian_Wedding-33

The Baraat is one of my absolute favorite parts of any traditional Indian wedding.

NJ_Indian_Wedding-46 NJ_Indian_Wedding_Photos-1 NJ_Indian_Wedding-48 NJ_Indian_Wedding-49 NJ_Indian_Wedding-50 NJ_Indian_Wedding-40 NJ_Indian_Wedding_Photos-2 NJ_Indian_Wedding-42

I know it's crazy to cull down a traditional Hindu ceremony to just four photos, so don't worry Harini, there are plenty more where these came from!

NJ_Indian_Wedding-44 NJ_Indian_Wedding-45 NJ_Indian_Wedding-72 NJ_Indian_Wedding-53 NJ_Indian_Wedding-51

After the couple's crazy Sangeet, we knew we were in for a pretty darn lively reception. One of the highlights was the "roast" of Kapil by his college pals.

NJ_Indian_Wedding-56 NJ_Indian_Wedding-55 NJ_Indian_Wedding-54 NJ_Indian_Wedding-57 NJ_Indian_Wedding-62 NJ_Indian_Wedding-58 NJ_Indian_Wedding-59 NJ_Indian_Wedding-63 NJ_Indian_Wedding-69 NJ_Indian_Wedding-64 NJ_Indian_Wedding-65 NJ_Indian_Wedding-66 NJ_Indian_Wedding-71 NJ_Indian_Wedding-61 NJ_Indian_Wedding-67

Harini and Kapil: I will admit, I had NO IDEA the epic-ness I signed up for when I agreed to shoot your wedding... but I can't thank you enough for the amazing opportunity to be a part of it. This blog could easily have been well over 100 images long, as shot after shot yielded one beautiful moment after another. I just feel so so lucky, and hope the future of Lauren Brimhall Photography sees me attending many more weddings like yours!


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Batsto Village Engagement Session – Kat & Min

From the minute Kat and Min pulled into the visitor’s center at Batsto Village and, with the most trusting smiles, agreed to turn right back around and drive out to a completely different spot I had seen on the way in, I knew it was going to be a great session. That feeling was only solidified when they got out of the car and I saw that they could not have been wearing more perfect outfits for the location I had just brought them to. It was almost like we had envisioned the exact same set of shots without so much as a word to each other.

Once the session started rolling, I knew my job was going to be beyond easy. Kat was quick to laugh, and Min was whatever combination of happy or romantic I asked him to be. They traipsed through inches of mud in the freezing cold wearing fancy clothes all while putting up with my bad jokes and I love them for it. Below are some favorites of what we came away with!

Batsto_Village_Wedding-1 Batsto_Village_Wedding-7 Batsto_Village_Wedding-6 Batsto_Village_Wedding-13 Batsto_Village_Wedding-12 Batsto_Village_Wedding-2 Batsto_Village_Wedding-8 Batsto_Village_Wedding-15 Batsto_Village_Wedding-16 Batsto_Village_Wedding-3 Batsto_Village_Wedding-4

Can't wait to celebrate your wedding in May you two!

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