Crested Butte Gondola Wedding – Kasey and Joel

Toward the end of their amazing wedding day, Kasey and Joel asked Sean and I to sign their guest book, and here is what I wrote: “I like to think our work is only as good as the couple we are photographing is together. Needless to say, I expect nothing short of amazing images and futures for the two of you!”

It was a genuine pleasure working with them, and watching their two families unify into one among some of the most beautiful scenery Colorado has to offer. At the top of a mountain at Crested Butte, these two laid back lovebirds said their I Do’s.

Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-18 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-19 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-20 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-23 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-25 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-27 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-29 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-30 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-5 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-6 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-8 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-7 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-10 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-31 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-12 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-33 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-35 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-36 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-13 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-14 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-38 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-41 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-42 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-43 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-45 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-51 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-48 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-49 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-50 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-16 Crested_Butte_Gondola_Wedding-52

After the ceremony, the couple headed back to Joel’s estate to play a few games of Cornhole  and cut the cake! It was the perfect ending to the perfect day!

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Colorado Barn Wedding – Key & Maki

Key and Maki are two very unique personalities, and both their individuality and artistic talent complements one another in a very romantic way. For these reasons, not only have they been able to creatively and successfully work together in a way that combines Key’s lighting design and Maki’s fine art skills, on Saturday they committed their entire selves to one another in what I truly expect to be an equally successful venture of marriage.

I have never seen two people work harder, or more happily, on every small detail of a wedding. The event took place on Key’s mother’s stunning prairie estate in Peyton, using the front yard for the ceremony and the barn for the cocktail-style reception. When I saw all of the beautifully designed details, I immediately recognized the amount of love that had gone into planning this day. So while we normally don’t show details on our blogs to emphasize our focus on moment photography, I felt it only appropriate to make an exception this go around.

Colorado_Barn_Wedding_Inspiration-5 Colorado_Barn_Wedding_Inspiration_2

You can immediately tell right from the getting ready portion of the day that Maki was not like other brides. While most have a crew of bridesmaids and a designated space to ceremoniously hold out the dress for them as they step in, Maki stood in a small nook behind the bed as she jammed her feet into the dress (jeans on and all) and had one close friend present to assist with the back.

Colorado_Barn_Wedding-10 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-12 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-13 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-42 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-41 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-43

The ceremony was equally laid back, with both Key and Maki arriving at the front of the house together. There was no official walk down the “aisle”… yet somehow this first image by Sean tells the story just the same, and perhaps, even more beautifully.

Colorado_Barn_Wedding-16 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-17 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-44 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-45 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-20 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-19 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-46

Maki informed me during getting ready that she did not want any mom pleasers (looking at the camera smiling) and very minimal posed shots. To accommodate and keep the couple’s comfort levels high, I gave minimal direction and focused on capturing the “moments in between.”

Colorado_Barn_Wedding-21 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-23 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-47 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-24

The reception took place inside the barn, where the horses (and their manure) had been evicted the night before. Also, thanks to Nancy from Chairs with Character for providing these lovely mismatched browns for the couple; the décor would not have been the same without them!

Colorado_Barn_Wedding-48 Colorado_Barn_Wedding_Inspiration Colorado_Barn_Wedding-27 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-28 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-29 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-32 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-33 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-30 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-61 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-35 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-38 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-52 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-36 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-54 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-53 Colorado_Barn_Wedding-39

To Key and Maki: You are truly an amazing, one-of-a-kind couple who I thoroughly enjoyed the company of as we photographed your day. I see your future being full of lasting, loving relationships with both each other and the friends you hold dear. Also, if you ever decide to go into event planning or rent out your barn for weddings, please give me a call, because I really want to go back!

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Denver Cambodian Wedding at King’s Land Chinese Seafood – Anny & Khamlek

Having shot over 100 weddings of all different religions and cultures in our career, let’s just say we don’t see a lot of “firsts,” anymore. But Anny and Khamlek’s Denver Asian Traditional/American Wedding was home to not one but two of these never-before experiences; our first traditional Cambodian Wedding, and our first time sitting at the head table dining family style with the bride and groom/wedding party.

The couple was outraged the venue refused to feed us and sat us down at their very own table, saying, “These are your seats now.” They rolled the food to us first before they would even take a bite! It really just goes to show what kind of people they are that, even completely absorbed in the chaos of their six-dress, multiple-ceremony day, they would be so considerate of their vendors.

Needless to say, not only did I love Anny and Khamlek as individuals, I loved every stinking minute of that 15 hours. When they were looking at booking us, they asked to see our full Vietnamese wedding AND a full Indian wedding, and I remember wondering “What kind of wedding are these people having?!” Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t know until after they decided to book us, because I would have been so overly excited about a Cambodian wedding I just might have blown the whole thing! Haha, and yes, I do that, but when I’m THAT excited about someone’s wedding – it REALLY shows in the pictures/final product – I hope you agree, because here they come!

Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-1 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-2 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-3 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-46 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-47 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-48 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-49 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-4 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-5 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-51

I was blown away by Anny’s choice in dress number one, but it turned out dress 2,3,4, and 5, were equally amazing. I’m going to skip ahead on the detail shots so you can see two dresses at a time.

Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-6 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-7 Cambodian_Wedding_Details_1 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-8 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-9 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-52

Back up to the room to change for the hair-cutting ceremony. Loved the pants on the girls!

Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-11 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-12 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-16 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-54 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-56 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-53 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-13 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-14 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-55

Why, you have a purple one, too? How ever did you know?!  The ceremony to follow was the Hand-Tying Ceremony. Afterwards the couple heads up to their room to sit on a bed of rose petals and feed each other fruit soft-porno-style.

Cambodian_Wedding_Details_2 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-19 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-20 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-21 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-57 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-23 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-24 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-58

Please forgive the overkill of cute dog shots… “Butters,” Anny’s brown Pomeranian, is Anny’s baby and she told me I could not take too many pictures of him, which of course resulted in too many GOOD pictures of him and I couldn’t decide between them! “Puddles,” her sister’s white Maltese was also on the VIP list.

Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-25 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-27 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-29 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-28 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-30 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-31 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-26 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-59

The American ceremony took place at the Buffalo Run Golf Course, but not until after a quick first look!

Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-32 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-60 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-33 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-34 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-35

I have, undoubtedly, never had so little time for bride and groom/wedding party photos. Things ran extremely late and people were MELTING as their tolerance for the 90-degree heat was waning after just standing through the entire outdoor ceremony. Fortunately, I was pretty happy with how the two whole setups of Anny and Khamlek I had time to take came out before heading to the reception.

Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-36 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-37 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-38

The reception was held at King’s Land Chinese Seafood, which I will say had some very delicious food!

Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-42 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-39 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-61 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-41 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-62 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-63 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-43 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-44 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-65 Cambodian_Wedding_Denver-66

Anny and Khamlek: I know you researched long and hard for a photographer. Being part of your wedding was even more of an amazing and enriching experience than I could have ever asked for, so I sincerely hope I also lived up to all you were expecting and more. Congratulations again!

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Rolling Hills Country Club Wedding – Kiah & Kyle

Quick-to-laugh, totally in love, caring and carefree are just a few of the words I would use to describe Kiah and Kyle. Heck, even Kiah’s dad, Tom, was one of the friendliest FOBs I’ve ever met – the whole family must have just gotten a big extra helping of the nice gene.

Brian Kraft, my fabulous second shooter for the day, and I arrived shortly before the ceremony was to begin for a quick first look and some portraits within walking distance of the couple’s Red Rocks Trading Post ceremony site.

Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-1 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-2 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-3 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-4 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-25

Set in front of an epic scene, the ceremony was both beautiful and emotional.

Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-5 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-6 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-7 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-8 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-9 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-10 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-11 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-12

After the proceedings, the couple headed over to their Rolling Hills Country Club Reception site, where the sun was falling lower in the sky and we continued with the evening’s scheduled events.

Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-14 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-15 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-16 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-17 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-18 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-19 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-20 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-21 Rolling_Hills_Country_Club_Wedding-22

The end of the night yielded a wedding story that Kiah and Kyle will have to tell for generations to come… what happens in the Photobooth stays in the Photobooth.


To Kiah and Kyle: Kyle you are one super lucky dude and Kiah, statistically, the likelihood of either you or any offspring ever wearing that dress again is pretty much nill, I promise. Think rainbows and sunshine!

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Country Courthouse Wedding – Leandra & Vitali

Leandra and Vitali are an interesting pair, not only are they both architects but they also both look like they could be models! That being said, you'll have to forgive the overkill of bride and groom photos - with so many great portraits, it was impossible to pick just a few!

The couple first got in touch with us after coming across some pictures we took at their ceremony venue, the Luzerne County Courthouse, which they chose for its architectural charm. We were excited to shoot there again, and you'll see why soon enough! A big thanks to Rob Laungayan for the awesome job second shooting with me!

Colorado_Country_Wedding-15 Colorado_Country_Wedding-3 Colorado_Country_Wedding-4 Colorado_Country_Wedding-5 Colorado_Country_Wedding-28 Colorado_Country_Wedding-29 Colorado_Country_Wedding-6 Colorado_Country_Wedding-8 Colorado_Country_Wedding-9 Colorado_Country_Wedding-10 Colorado_Country_Wedding-12

The reception was held at a private residence in Benton, PA, and the outdoor tent setup was super elegant. I have to say, I definitely prefer tents without walls!

Colorado_Country_Wedding-20 Colorado_Country_Wedding-19 Colorado_Country_Wedding-16 Colorado_Country_Wedding-17 Colorado_Country_Wedding-18 Colorado_Country_Wedding-14 Colorado_Country_Wedding-13 Colorado_Country_Wedding-23 Colorado_Country_Wedding-33 Colorado_Country_Wedding-25 Colorado_Country_Wedding-26 Colorado_Country_Wedding-27 Colorado_Country_Wedding-24

To the lovely couple: thanks for having us be part of your beautiful day! Best wishes to you both!

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