Plymouth Country Club Wedding – Jay & Julie

I didn’t get to know Julie very much before the wedding, since I was only second shooting this event for my good friend Jim Heine, but Jay… well, he was one cool cat! It was some of the most fun I’ve had shooting the guys getting ready, ever, and as a fellow photographer, he and I even found opportunity to talk a little shop :)

When we finally met up with Julie, she was totally laid back and willing to do just about anything for a great shot, including but not limited to trapsing in some REALLY deep mud in her pretty pink open-toe shoes, hehe. We loved working with this couple, and of course Jim isn’t too bad either ;-)

Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-9 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-10 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-11 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-12 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-14 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-17 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-18 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-20 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-22 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-31 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-23 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-25 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-26 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-27 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-28 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-29 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-30 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-33 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-34 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-36 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-38 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-37 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-39 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-40 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-41 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-46 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-42 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-43 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-45 Plymouth_Country_Club_Wedding-47
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Cheesman Park Engagement Session – Katie & Tom

There are so many things I love about Katie and Tom. Among them, is their full trust in us and our vision for a shot. During this engagement shoot at Cheesman Park/Urban Denver, I can honestly say there was MORE than one occasion where they were asked to take a ride on the crazy train with us, in hot pursuit of whatever it was we were going for with a particular shot.

Even when I underestimated just how tall Tom was… as I sent him into a low-bearing grove of snaggly trees only to find that no matter where I put him there were branches in his hair, he kept a smile on his face. They both willingly braving the cold, wind, and shrubs, to execute our shot ideas, and even sent us a text later that night to tell us how much fun they had doing so. I apologized for the what is now known as the shrub incident, and Katie’s response was “The shrubs were great!” Haha, what a sport, my response was, “Maybe I’ll have to find you some poison ivy to frolic in for the wedding, then!” What can I say? - Katie gets me.

Denver_Engagement_Session-2 Denver_Engagement_Session-4 Denver_Engagement_Session-5 Denver_Engagement_Session-6 Denver_Engagement_Session-7 Denver_Engagement_Session-8 Denver_Engagement_Session-9 Denver_Engagement_Session-18 Denver_Engagement_Session-12
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Red Rocks Couple’s Session – Rachel & Ethan

When it comes to engagements and couple’s sessions, there are some clients who I just don’t have to (or want to!) give very much direction to, and Rachel and Ethan were one of those couples. I am not looking to break up a great couple acting naturally with each other in front of my camera with my corn-ball prompts designed to provoke the type of activity I’m already seeing in front of my lens.

Red Rocks has a special meaning to this particular couple, as it’s where they re-kindled their high school romance - we love high school sweethearts! Shooting their mini-session there was a breeze, and what I hope was a really fun experience for all involved!

Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-1 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-13 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-3 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-4 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-5 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-6 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-7 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-8 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-9 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-14 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-11 Red_Rocks_Colorado_Engagement-10


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Colorado Winter Engagement Session – Kiah & Kyle

I'm not one for the cold... seriously, I have poor circulation, very little body-fat-insulation and if I had complete control of the temperature in my house, my doorknob would burn your hand. The only thing stronger than my desire to live in a complete sauna during the winter, is my unwillingness to pass up unique photo opportunities. The Ice Castles is one of those places I've been meaning to shoot since I first came across some photos of it last year, and I was really excited Kiah and Kyle were willing to venture out to Breckenridge with us for their engagement session!

These two were so natural and easy to work with, these photos practically took themselves... okay, so maybe that's not entirely true... Sean and I worked and froze our butts, fingers, and toes off, but the pictures would never have been the same with any other couple :)

Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_1 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_2 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_3 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_4 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_5 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_6 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_7 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_8 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_10 Winter_Breckenridge_Engagement_Session_11

Thanks again for being such great sports you two! I hope these photos were worth it! :)

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Ballroom at the Ben Wedding – Charlie & Alexis

I'm going to go ahead and keep quoting all the amazing photographers who spoke at the 2013 Fearless conference, when I say, "I cannot be creative for money... I need a reason." - Susana Barbera, and couples like Charlie and Alexis ARE that reason. From the very getgo, these two were an amazing fit for our style. I remember Charlie saying, "I don't just want photographs, I want art," and that somehow stuck with me, and was a driving factor for me all through their wedding day.

Add to that, they gave me their FULL trust to create said art. Bearing in mind some of the most amazing shots come from the weirdest places, some brides lacking in the trust department really miss out. These two stood out in the cold, in the most remote and ugly looking spot in the venue without question, gave up some of their visions for shots to explore some of mine, and most importantly, treated us with courtesy and respect throughout the day, providing us a seat with their guests in the venue to make darn sure we received a meal. Being fed is clutch :P

I'm really proud to be sharing these photos from my first wedding of the year... looking like 2014 is going to be another great one. A big thank you to our Northeast Associate Photographer Jim for second shooting this unique event with me and covering the guys getting ready. You did a fabulous job as usual!

Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_6 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_7 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_8 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_1 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_2 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_3

The couple did a first look to make more time for wedding party and family formal photos...

Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_9 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_10 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_11

As for our first Badeken... these pictures are worth all the words on the rest of this blog combined.

Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_12 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_13 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_14 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_15

This was my first "unplugged ceremony" and I have to say it was it a little weird not seeing the aisle lined with cell phones, ipads, and budget SLRs. Not blocked by their devices, not only were the guests actually IN the pictures, they were SO in the moment that they actually broke out into impromptu song at one point during the ceremony. Needless to say, I can't recommend going unplugged enough.

Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_16 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_17 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_18 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_19 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_20

We had a few brief moments for bride and groom portraits after the ceremony, and between it being full dark out, being stuck indoors due to the cold and the tight time constraints, most photographers would have been up the creek... but not Jim and I... we like a good challenge.

Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_22 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_23

This was one of the craziest receptions I've shot... and I was happy as a pig in you know what. Not to mention the Ballroom at the Ben is certainly a classy venue.

Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_24 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_25 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_26 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_31 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_32 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_33 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_34 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_35 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_37 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_38 Ballroom_at_the_Ben_Wedding_39

To Charlie & Alexis: My only regret is that I only had the opportunity to shoot your wedding once, because it's definitely one event I would love to attend every weekend from now until I'm so old and frail I break a wrist trying to change a lens. Truly love you guys, and can't thank you enough for having me.

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