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They say, “Home is where the heart is,” and my heart will be with Sean, Austin (our two-year-old), and our future son... no matter where in the world life takes us.

As many of you know, I have roots in the Northeast, having grown up in the Philadelphia suburbs, living in New York for about seven years, then moving over to Northeast Pennsylvania, and finally to Colorado in 2011. Colorado is the most beautiful and friendly place I’ve ever lived, but I miss the other pieces of my heart… my family.

Since leaving the Northeast, I have missed so much. This year that list includes the last Christmas I would have ever had with my beloved brother who passed away in a tragic accident this past April. It was the first Christmas he'd been to in over a decade. The emotional impact of his loss has opened my eyes to the truly finite amount of time we have with the people we love on this earth, and it’s time to start making the most of whatever we can get.

Sean is an amazing husband, who sympathizes with my feelings and has facilitated a move to Atlantic City, New Jersey, which is as close as we could get to my family in the Philadelphia Suburbs. In the same way I sacrificed for him when we moved to Colorado in this POST, years later he is doing the same for me. I’m honored to be an example of the give and take that a good marriage should be.

As of now, my plan is to fulfill any existing wedding obligations here in Colorado, but we will no longer be booking in this area.  Our service areas will now include; the entire state of New Jersey, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, New York City, Baltimore, D.C., Northern Delaware and Eastern Maryland. Our plans to scale back the business are also still in effect, so we will be taking only a small number of select clients from these areas moving forward in order to facilitate re-building old relationships and making new memories.

We have spent the last six years being part of and documenting other people’s most momentous occasions in life… it’s time to start taking some time away to celebrate our own. So South Jersey, here we come!


Day in the Life Photos by Jim Heine Photography

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Lots and Lots of AWARDS!

I’m not gonna lie… There is just no way the ear-to-ear grin currently plastered on my face is going to be wiped off any time soon. It would seem LBP has turned a corner in the Awards arena these past three days, taking home not one, but FOUR major awards from some of the most respected and prestigious organizations that exist for professional photographers to compete in.

Three days ago the WPJA Q2 Award winners were announced. As a brand new member of that particular organization, which prides itself on very strict membership requirements and a strong primary focus on true photojournalism, this was my first round submitting. We took home 18th place in the highly competitive “Getting Ready” category.

And while 18th place might seem fairly far down on the list, with only eight categories and 20 winners per, that adds up to a total of only 80 awards among the group’s massive International membership who apply each round. I’m thrilled just to have placed, and the addition of their award to my collection means I have now won awards from every major organization I am part of, which include WPJA, ISPWP, and Fearless Photographers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.33.44 AM2

In addition, Fearless Photographers also announced its award winners just this morning, where I discovered I won an uncanny THREE Fearless awards! With over 14k submissions each round, and only 200-300 winners per, the odds of winning each round are about 2%. It is the most competitive award I am aware exists for wedding photographers and the addition of my three new awards bumped me to the top of the Colorado market, with four live awards total.

Fearless_Award_2 Fearless_Award_3 Fearless_Award_4

As many of you know, we will be scaling back the number of weddings we book for 2015, taking only a very select group of clients who are an ideal fit for our style to make room for us to have actual lives outside of work moving forward. I am so so proud of what we’ve accomplished this year so far, and while I’ll be sad to not be part of so many weddings moving forward, at least we’ll be sending off 2014 with a bang!

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Baltimore Waterfront Engagement Session – Michelle & Rob

I have loved Michelle and Rob from the first email where they sent me a video of Rob practicing chopping the top of a bottle of champagne off with sword, “Getting ready for his close-up.” The video was accompanied by comments along the lines of, “Looks like we will either have to learn to like champagne, or use it to water the plants…”

I wished I had gotten to know them in person sooner, but with the couple based out of Baltimore, we just had to be patient. From the minute they showed up for their engagement, to the moment I waved goodbye, I was surprised by how they were able to make ME laugh, when usually it’s my job to loosen THEM up!

Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-1 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-2 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-3 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-4 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-5 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-6 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-7 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-8 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-9 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-10 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-11 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-12 Baltimore_Waterfront_Engagement_Sessoion-13

To Rob & Michelle, ever since this session, I have been looking forward to your wedding at one of our favorite venues, the Gramercy Mansion, even more, and frankly I didn’t think that was possible! It’s going to be a great day filled with more fun, and probably A LOT more laughter!  CANNOT wait!

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Indian Wedding King of Prussia, PA – Smriti & Sandeep

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we LOVE cultural weddings. As a photojournalistic photographer, I thrive on the organic nature of these types of events, and our vibrant true-color processing compliments the gorgeous array of colors that are an inherent part of traditional Indian, Asian, and other cultural weddings. Not that American, white wedding gowns don’t also have their allure, but I do wonder how we strayed so far from the rest of the rest of the world in this regard.

But I digress, Smriti and Sandeep’s day did not disappoint. We were limited by some very persistent rainy weather throughout, but it did not dampen the couple’s spirits. They were happy to do all of their scheduled outdoor events under the overhang outside of the Sheraton Valley Forge, and we even ventured out to Valley Forge Park during a brief lull in the rain for a quick wedding party shot and a couple of portraits.

Overall, we had a wonderful time celebrating with this beautiful couple, and my second photographer, Jim Heine, and I are very excited to share these images!

Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-2 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-3 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-4 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-5 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-6 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-7 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-8 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-50 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-51 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-52 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-10 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-55 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-9 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-53 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-11 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-56 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-12 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-57 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-60 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-59 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-15 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-16 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-62 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-18 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-19 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-20 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-21 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-63 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-22 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-23 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-24 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-25 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-26 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-27 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-28 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-29 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-30 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-31 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-32 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-33 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-35 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-36 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-64 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-37 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-38 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-39 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-40 Indian_Wedding_King_of_Prussia-41

Congratulations you two!

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Fallen Tree Farm B&B Wedding – Kyra & Jon

Kyra and Jon were initially booked at Duone Castle in Scotland. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Duone is well known for being “Winterfell” on Game of Thrones, the castle from “Monty Python,” and it is currently being used on the new HBO Series, “Outlander.”

The couple was heartbroken when they regretfully had to move their wedding to Carlisle, PA., due to some unforeseen circumstances. I was a bit disappointed, myself, but I have ALWAYS maintained that at the end of the day a location is just a location, and weddings are about the people who shared in them. With that in mind, I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, more caring couple to work with and their day was no less beautiful because of that!

Special thanks to Jim Heine for second shooting for me!

Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-6 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-1 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-2 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-3 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-11 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-15 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-19 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-5 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-21 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-8 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-22 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-20 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-14 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-17 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-16 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-24 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-18 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-10 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-26 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-25 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-29 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-31 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-36 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-32 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-35 Fallen_Tree_Farm_Wedding-28

Congratulations you two!

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