Morris House Hotel Wedding – Megan & John

“Classy” is the word that comes to mind to best describe Megan and John’s intimate Morris House Hotel Wedding. Hidden away in a dreamy little courtyard among some of Philadelphia’s tallest buildings, these two said their vows and dined together family style at two long, beautiful tables. Overall, it was a quiet, formal evening filled with smiles and love. Thanks so much to Sean for second shooting and Jim for assisting!

morris_house_hotel_wedding-1 morris_house_hotel_wedding-2 morris_house_hotel_wedding-4 morris_house_hotel_wedding-3 morris_house_hotel_wedding-5 morris_house_hotel_wedding-6 morris_house_hotel_wedding-7 morris_house_hotel_wedding-8 morris_house_hotel_wedding-21 morris_house_hotel_wedding-22 morris_house_hotel_wedding-23 morris_house_hotel_wedding-9 morris_house_hotel_wedding-24 morris_house_hotel_wedding-17 morris_house_hotel_wedding-10 morris_house_hotel_wedding-11 morris_house_hotel_wedding-12 morris_house_hotel_wedding-13 morris_house_hotel_wedding-19 morris_house_hotel_wedding-18 morris_house_hotel_wedding-14 morris_house_hotel_wedding-15 morris_house_hotel_wedding-16 morris_house_hotel_wedding-20

Thanks again to Megan & John for having me and congratulations on the beautiful wedding!

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Smithville Mansion Engagement Session – Amanda & Anthony

Couple’s just don’t get much cuter than Amanda & Anthony! From the minute they showed up early Sunday morning this past weekend, I knew it was going to be a very light, fun day of shooting. With great chemistry, endless smiles, and a down-for-anything attitude, they couldn’t have possibly made my job any easier.

smithville_mansion_wedding-1 smithville_mansion_wedding-2 smithville_mansion_wedding-3 smithville_mansion_wedding-4 smithville_mansion_wedding-5 smithville_mansion_wedding-7 smithville_mansion_wedding-6 smithville_mansion_wedding-8 smithville_mansion_wedding-9 smithville_mansion_wedding-12 smithville_mansion_wedding-10 smithville_mansion_wedding-11 smithville_mansion_wedding-13

Thanks you two for all your faith in my crazy ideas and just plain old being amazing subjects!

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Ridley Creek State Park Engagement – Erin & Amanda

Erin has actually babysat my kids off and on for the last several years. Over time, we became friends, and she’s heard about all the ins and outs of my job. This has, of course, made her into the ideal potential client. So when she and Amanda decided to tie the knot next September, the answer was a resounding YES!

I have been looking forward to their engagement session very much, especially because it’s the first same-sex photo session we’ve done since Naomi and Jen all the way back in 2011! Erin does such a phenomenal job watching our kids, there was a lot of pressure to return the favor!

What’s even cooler than my relationship with Erin, is that Amanda is a police officer here in NJ and the second one we’ve shot this year already. We have at least two more coming up and in case anyone didn’t know we’ve been offering a 10% discount for police, military and fireman since… oh, forever. This is because Sean is a Marine and a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) himself.

Let it be known, WE SUPPORT AMERICA, WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, AND WE DEFINITELY SUPPORT OUR OFFICERS! Thanks to each and every one of you for serving. ridley_creek_park_engagement-1 ridley_creek_park_engagement-6 ridley_creek_park_engagement-7 ridley_creek_park_engagement-9 ridley_creek_park_engagement-5 ridley_creek_park_engagement-4 ridley_creek_park_engagement-2 ridley_creek_park_engagement-3

Congratulations you two, and I'll see you in September!

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Stockton Seaview Hotel Wedding – Allie & Gary

Allie and Gary are such an adoring couple. Just put them together and let the magic happen. Allie may look like a princess but she can definitely hang with guys like no one else. Gary… well, he and his fabulous hair are both totally chill.

Jim and I had a blast photographing their wedding this past Saturday. Thank you guys so much for having us!

Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-12 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-13 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-14 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-16 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-15 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-55 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-17 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-18 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-1 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-2 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-3 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-4 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-5 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-19 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-20 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-21 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-22 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-23 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-6 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-24 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-25 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-7 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-58 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-26 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-27 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-8 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-28 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-29 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-32 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-51 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-60 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-30 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-9 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-33 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-11 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-52 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-53 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-54 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-59 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-56 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-31 Stockton_Seaview_Hotel_Wedding-34
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Moorestown Community House Wedding – Chris & Jada

Chris and Jada’s wedding was something like what I imagine Sean and I’s wedding would be if we were to ever do it all over again. Not only did they have two GORGEOUS daughters together, just a year younger than our own, they had tattoos like we do, a sense of humor like we do, and they sure as heck PARTIED like we do.

Also, at the end of the night they gave me the most amazing gift! Now I’ve received many generous tips in my day, but the vintage Brownie camera they gave me to go with the collection they saw in my office was the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received from a client. Needless to say, I freakin love them, so fingers crossed they love these photos!

Thanks so much to Jim, too, for coming along and shooting this one with me. You always rock it!

Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-14 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-15 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-16 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-17 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-18 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-19 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-20 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-22 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-21 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-1 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-2 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-3 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-4 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-23 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-24 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-5 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-25 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-26 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-27 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-28 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-29 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-30 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-31 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-32 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-33 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-34 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-35 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-36 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-7 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-37 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-8 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-6 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-9 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-39 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-40 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-41 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-43 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-42 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-44 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-45 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-10 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-11 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-46 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-47 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-48 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-49 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-52 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-53 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-54 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-50 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-12 Moorestown_Community_House_Wedding-55

Chris and Jada, I wish you a long future filled with even more of the family, love, and happiness I witnessed on Friday... and maybe even a few sandwiches.

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  1. Shirley Kalla
    Aug 31 2016

    These are absolutely amazing! I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful & different wedding pics showing such raw emotion! You can actually see & feel the love!