Valley Regency Wedding – Brian & Melissa

I have to hand it to Brian, he planned his and Melissa’s wedding completely on his own. Not only does this make Melissa quite possibly the most chill bride I’ve ever met, but it says a lot about Brian’s inherently sweet nature. They kept their wedding very simple, no wedding party, and just an intimate selection of close friends and family. They are both such warm and friendly people, I felt like just another guest the entire day through.

Brian is a retired police officer and hero for his actions in the Mountain Lakes shooting a few years back. I am so happy for him that he found such a charming and absolutely stunning bride in Melissa. As the wife of a LEO myself, I truly believe every single officer serving this country deserves a happy ending like his.

Big thanks to Miguel as well for the phenomenal job he did working with me on this one. A few of the images on this blog are his.

Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-16 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-14 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-2 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-3 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-15 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-17 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-4 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-19 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-20 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-21 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-27 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-23 Valley_Regency_Wedding_Clifton-25 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-28 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-29 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-26 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-6 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-7 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-30 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-34 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-31 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-32 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-35 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-11 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-38 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-12 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-37 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-42 Valley_Regency_Clifton_Wedding-40
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Il Villaggio Wedding – Tony & Olya

It’s always flattering when another photographer hires you to shoot their wedding, but what’s even more so is when TWO photographers getting married do! Tony and Olya are both wedding photographers, themselves, at iwannamarry and have been shooting together for the last four years. Needless to say, I’m sure they’ve been imagining the possibilities for this day for at least three and half of them. But none of that is what I love about them most…

I love how unafraid they are to just be themselves. I love how they embrace every quirk in the other. I love how they don’t take themselves too seriously. I love how they spoiled me at every opportunity. I love how they spoil each other at every opportunity. And finally, I love the adoring looks they were shooting back and forth the entire day.

Il_Villaggio_Wedding-12 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-48 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-4 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-5 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-7 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-10 Il_Villaggio_Wedding_47 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-13 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-11 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-14

This was my first traditional Ukrainian Ceremony, and I was pretty smitten with how beautiful the church was!

Il_Villaggio_Wedding-15 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-18 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-19 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-20 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-21 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-23 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-24 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-25 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-26

It was one of the hottest days of the year, and no one could stand more than a couple of minutes outdoors for portraits... Il_Villaggio_Wedding-27 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-28

The reception kicked off with a pretty epic first dance! Il_Villaggio_Wedding-29 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-44 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-38 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-42 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-43 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-30 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-32 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-33 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-34 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-35 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-36 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-37 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-46 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-45 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-1 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-39 Il_Villaggio_Wedding-41

Seriously, thank you guys so much for having me! And big thanks to Samuel as well for coming along last minute!

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Midnight Ranch Steamboat Wedding – Brian & Courtney

Having moved my business around the country so many times, I consider myself lucky to get inquiries almost everywhere. I’ve shot weddings in NY, NJ, PA, AL, DE, CO, UT, CA, and I have one booked in FL for next year. However, I am very picky about which ones I fly out for.

When Brian contacted me about shooting his and Courtney’s wedding in Steamboat, Colorado, I knew right away that I would be there with bells on. I remember shooting his son, Jourden’s senior portraits several years back and was thrilled they thought of me again for something as special as Brian’s own intimate wedding.

As expected, he and Courtney were just my style. Total laid-back go-with-the-flow couple simply happy to be surrounded by their small party of loved ones. The love between the couple and their combined children was literally palpable. I was honored to capture images that showcased those relationships within the quiet beauty of their majestic surroundings. Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-1 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-2 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-3 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-5 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-6 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-7 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-12 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-13 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-14 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-16

Sean did an amazing job with the guys getting ready! I really miss having him at every wedding with me, but I'm very excited that it looks like he's down for the next couple of gigs!

Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-9 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-4 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-8 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-10 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-11 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-15

The couple had their first look and a few bride and groom portraits in a random grove of Aspens they spotted off the side of the road. Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-18 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-19 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-20

Back at the ranch, the couple had a few quick moments together and the ceremony began...

Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-21 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-22 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-23 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-24 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-25 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-26

A few more quick portraits at the ranch before kicking off the reception! Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-27 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-28 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-29 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-30 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-31 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-32 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-33 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-34 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-38 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-39 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-40 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-41 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-43 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-44 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-45 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-46 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-48 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-49 Midnight_Ranch_Steamboat_Wedding-42

Congratulations you two! Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon abroad and these photos bring a smile to your face today!

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Southern Mansion Wedding – Essma & Owen

When I shoot for my brides, I hold nothing back. I don’t spare myself a single step to chase down a shot, or the extra effort it takes to set up a light for a more dramatic/professional look… not ONE drop of energy do I leave in reserve. This past weekend I was blessed with the most beautiful, fun, silly-sweet couple, and I made no exception to that rule. I left it all out there in Cape May, which also happens to be one of my favorite places on earth for sentimental, childhood reasons. With that said, it’s only fitting we came away with such an awesome collection.

I just wanted to say thank you to Essma and Owen. Without your totally blind trust in my vision, and crazy awesome open-mindedness, these shots would never have been what they turned out to be. Also to my dear husband Sean for second shooting this one; it would seem every time you SORT OF get out, “I pull you back in!” All I can say is that I just can’t seem to help myself because you are so freaking talented. Just like always in our marriage, it’s your fault not mine ;-)

Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-2 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-3 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-9 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-11 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-8 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-7 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-10

Sean did an amazing job photographing the guys getting ready as usual! Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-6 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-4 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-5

After that, it was an emotional ride in the Rolls Royce to get to the church. Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-12 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-13 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-14 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-15 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-16 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-17 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-18 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-19 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-20

And then, it was off to the beach for loads of fun in the HOT, hot sun! Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-21 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-22 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-23 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-24 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-25

Oh, and we took a few portraits, too, haha... Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-26 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-27 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-28

Back at the Southern Mansion, we finished up portraits... after that even the cocktail hour was exciting.  Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-44 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-30 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-33

The flower girl was really excited about this balloon... Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-29 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-31 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-32

Finally it was time to paaaarrrrtttayyyy!  Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-35 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-34 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-36 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-37 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-41 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-38 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-39 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-40 Southern_Mansion_Cape_May_Wedding-42

Congratulations you two! Hope you're having a blast in Barcelona!

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Savannah & Michael – French Manor Elopement

There is no greater honor than being the only witness to two beautiful people all alone before a beautiful view declaring their eternal devotion to one another. Even though I didn’t meet Savannah and Mike until the day of their wedding and was there for just three short hours to capture their ten-minute ceremony and some portraits, I could literally feel the love between them.

Savannah had just arrived home from her military station in Korea and would only be home with Michael for a total of about one month before having to return and be parted once again. When time is short, people tend to make the most of it. And so, I had the wonderful opportunity to watch these two relish in every single moment they had together. I couldn’t have asked to be part of anything more special than that. French_Manor_Elopement-1 French_Manor_Elopement-2 French_Manor_Elopement-3 French_Manor_Elopement-4 French_Manor_Elopement-5 French_Manor_Elopement-6 French_Manor_Elopement-8 French_Manor_Elopement-9 French_Manor_Elopement-10 French_Manor_Elopement-11 French_Manor_Elopement-13 French_Manor_Elopement-14 French_Manor_Elopement-12 French_Manor_Elopement-16


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