Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Wedding – Lindsi & Ryan

This was our second trip out to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs for a wedding, and I have realized a few things about the venue that I can really appreciate.

1.)  A beautiful space for getting ready in. The cabins are lovely and usually yield some pretty nice light!

2.)  Everything in one place – this cuts out travel time between getting ready and ceremony, and ceremony and reception and makes the couple’s timeline less stressed.

3.)  Gorgeous mountain views – of course you’d have to find our “secret spot” to get there, but we certainly cant complain about the Mt. Princeton backdrop.

The best part about Lindsi and Ryan’s wedding though?  Lindsi and Ryan! Not only is the couple super considerate, Lindsi, the MOG, and FOB were cracking me up with their off-beat comments all day! Ryan was up for anything and a great sport about anything we asked him to do. This is getting long-winded, so lets get to some pictures!

Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-1 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-4 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-5 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-6 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-8 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-10 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-11 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-16 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-17 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-19 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-2 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-3 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-7 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-12 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-13

The ceremony took place beneath the canopy of a beautiful grove of trees, and Lindsi and Ryan were all smiles!

Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-20 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-21 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-22 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-23 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-25 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-26 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-27 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-28 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-29

With a little of our signature lighting, this reception space just gets better and better. The couple even printed out a list of our guest photography No-No’s, and it was only because all of the couple’s guests were so respectful about staying off the dance floor during their first dance that we were able to get some of these shots!

Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-30 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-31 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-32 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-33 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-34 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-36 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-37

Don’t get us wrong... we still love our crazy dance shots!

Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-38 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-40 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-39 Mt_Princeton_Hot_Springs_Wedding-41

To Lindsi and Ryan. You have weathered so much already together as a couple, I have no doubt your future is a forever one. Enjoy every minute of it. All our love, Lauren and Sean.

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Snow Mountain Ranch Wedding – Nikki & Bill

I am never more flattered than when other photographers choose us to photograph their weddings, and Nikki’s dad, Jay, has been a full-time professional wedding photographer for over 20 years and wanted nothing more than for her to have the type of beautiful photos he has dedicated so much of his life to providing to others.

Nikki and Bill were a great fit for our style of photojournalistic photography. They were among some of the most laid back couples we’ve had the privilege to work with, and their adorable son Henry had us burning through memory cards like they were going out of style.

The wedding took place at YMCA of the Rockies, near Winter Park, Colorado, and I just loved their casual outdoor setup. Sean and I photographed the couple getting ready at the cabins on site.

Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-1 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-3 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-6 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-7 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-4 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-5

They let their individuality shine through at the ceremony, when they opted to make their grandmothers flower girls, and read vows that talked about not having the heart to eat each other during a zombie apocalypse.

Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-8 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-42 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-10 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-9 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-11 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-12 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-13

Is there a such thing as too many good bride and groom portraits? We sure hope not.

Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-15 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-16 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-17 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-18 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-31 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-30

The reception was catered by Basic Kneads, a company that makes specialty pizza pies on site. Their staff was extremely pleasant and even let our bride toss some dough around! Nikki had some Voodoo doughnuts brought in and I was laughing to myself as they beheaded the bride doughnut during the “cake cutting.”

Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-19 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-20 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-21 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-22 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-23 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-24 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-25 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-26 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-27 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-28 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-29

As usual, we lucked out with some fun dancing at the reception, and had time to duck out for a shot of the couple in front of Sunday night’s Super Moon.


Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-32 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-33 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-34 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-35 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-36 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-37 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-38 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-39 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-41 Snow_Mountain_Ranch_Wedding-40

Nikki, Bill, and Jay: Thank you all for entrusting us with your once-in-a-lifetime memories. As a parent, I can only imagine the amount of trust it took for Jay to leave his camera at home, and for Nikki whose surely spent a lifetime looking at other people’s wedding photos to actually choose someone to take her own. I hope these images bring a smile to everyone’s faces!

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Wedgewood On Boulder Creek Wedding – Jackie & Joel

I knew Jacqueline and I were meant to be when I first read in her email that she had the exact same first AND last name as another one of my 2014 clients! I immediately nicknamed her Jackie (last name) Part 2. And yes, I pretty much have all of my couple’s nicknamed for easy reference, but don’t ask me yours (it’s in the vault!)

From the moment I walked into the getting room at the Hotel Boulderado in Boulder, I was super excited by how beautiful both the light and the space were. My only regret is that I cannot shoot every bride getting ready in this exact space every weekend!

Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-1 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-2 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-5 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-7 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-8 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-9 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-12 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-10


Sean covered the guys in a mish-mash of locations that were perhaps not quite as cool as the one I lucked out with, but still came away with some great shots! I just love how they look like a total boy band with their hoard of tween groupies as they head down to Pearl Street for the first look.

Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-1 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-2 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-14

I have to hand it my hubs, he had an idea of how to set this first look up that was truly epic! We ended up with a huge audience of onlookers as Jackie and Joel had their special reveal!

Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-16 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-15 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-17 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-18 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-19 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-20 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-21 Hotel_Boulderado_Boulder_Wedding-22

After a few quick shots around Pearl Street, we gathered up our things and headed to the Wedgewood on Boulder Creek for the couple’s ceremony and reception. In spite of having had a first look, Joel’s face as Jackie walked down the aisle had everyone near tears.

Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-3 Wedgewood_on_boulder_creek_Wedding-4 Wedgewood_on_boulder_creek_Wedding-5 Wedgewood_on_boulder_creek_Wedding-6 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-7 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-8

The grounds at the Wedgewood offered some additional beautiful spots for photos, so we definitely wanted to take advantage!

Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-9 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-10 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-11

The reception took place outdoors and then moved inside later for party time! Funny, how so many of my favorite shots from this entire wedding were taken in the last 20 minutes of the couple’s night.

Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-13 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-12 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-14 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-15 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-16 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-17 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-18 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-19 Wedgewood_on_boulder_creek_Wedding-20 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-21 Wedgewood_on_Boulder_Creek_Wedding-22

To Jackie and Joel: We loved working with you, your parents, your BMs, your GMs, just everyone at your wedding. You are blessed with the most wonderful friends and family, and now you have each other as well… now you have it all. Enjoy!

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Breckenridge Wedding Photographer – Lindsey & Randy

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, weddings are about the people in them – it’s as simple as that. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on venues, décor, dresses, florals and planners, but when the day is over and gone, it’s the time spent with close friends and family that you are going to want to remember the most.

I promise you that a beautiful photo of your centerpieces is not going to bring you to tears ten years from now, but a photo of your grandmother, long since passed, or your nieces and nephews, long since full grown, or even yourselves, youthful and in so in love… well, they just might do it for you.

That being said, Lindsey and Randy were what I enjoyed most about this beautiful Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge wedding. Lindsey was one of the happiest, most laid back brides I’ve ever seen, and while Randy is a responsible loving father, he also has a side to him that’s as carefree and spontaneous as a college frat boy. A true joy working with such a dynamic and fun couple!

Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-1 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-2 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-3 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-5 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-4 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-26 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-8 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-9 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-10 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-11 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-12 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-13 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-14 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-15 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-16 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-25 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-20 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-17 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-18 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-19 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-21 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-22 Lodge_and_Spa_at Breckenridge_Wedding-23

Congratulations you two!

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Colorado Canoe Engagement Session – Dora and Martin

Dora and Martin’s engagement shoot date started out with a pretty darn crappy weather forecast (70% chance of rain on Accuweather) and quickly developed a serious case of the Lemony Snickets from there. I RARELY postpone an engagement due to limited availability, but 70% is usually about where I start making that recommendation. The couple had flown in from California, however, and this engagement shoot was the main thing on their agenda for the trip, so we decided to take our chances.

Then, I go to hop on the highway, and it’s backed up all the way to my exit. I am anal about being on time for things, so luckily I still had a full hour and a half to get to a location only 22 minutes away, so I figured I’d get on anyway and just sit in the traffic… only to be diverted off the highway entirely at the first exit and prohibited from getting back on because the highway had been closed for an accident investigation.

It’s about this point where most other photographers, realizing they would have to take backroads all the way to Denver and would inevitably be super late only to most likely get rained out anyway, would have given up and canceled the session, but not me. An hour and a half later almost to the minute, I arrived at the Denver Botanic Garden ON TIME, only to find out it had CLOSED at 3pm for a concert.

At this point, I really thought the couple’s session might be cursed, and so did they. But you know the old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Well, that’s exactly what we did. We drove around fairly randomly and just wandered into whatever we thought might make for some fun photos – the couple was awesome and up for anything and it made all the difference! Miraculously, the rain held out the ENTIRE session, and I’m now certain that everything that happened was meant to lead us to even better photos after all!

Washington_Park_Engagement-1 Washington_Park_Engagement-23 Washington_Park_Engagement-2 Washington_Park_Engagement-4 Washington_Park_Engagement-5 Washington_Park_Engagement-6 Washington_Park_Engagement-7 Washington_Park_Engagement-8 Washington_Park_Engagement-9 Washington_Park_Engagement-12 Washington_Park_Engagement-10 Washington_Park_Engagement-14 Washington_Park_Engagement-16 Washington_Park_Engagement-17 Washington_Park_Engagement-20 Washington_Park_Engagement-21 Washington_Park_Engagement-22

Guys, I cannot wait for all the exciting things you have planned for your wedding in November! Getting to know what kind of spontaneous, light-hearted people you are at this engagement session, I have no doubt the photos will be epic!

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