I remember my very first interview with Ali and Mark – they made quite the impression! They had just come across my work via their AMAZING wedding planner, Taryn Blake, and didn’t even have a venue booked yet. While observing them on the video call, I couldn’t help but notice the affectionate way they were interacting with each other, as well as their similarly silly sense of humor! I remember catching Ali in a quick side snuggle with Mark and pointing at them and going, “THAT! That right there is what I want to be capturing on your day!” 

While they still needed to book a venue before they could book me, according to Taryn, after our conversation they never talked to another photographer. It may have even been over a month that they could have “kept shopping” but they apparently had no interest. 

I was a bit worried when they picked the Franklin Institute as their venue, because I have been DYING to shoot there for years and somehow it never panned out. For such a long time it’s been like my white-rabbit wedding venue and I was convinced it was never going to happen, but finally it DID! It did and it was amazing! Not only is it just such a beautiful and unique space, the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating, cleared off the front steps for us multiple times, and even let us blow a couple of bottles of champagne on the rooftop! It was the perfect end to the perfect day!

Congratulations again you two!